Engineering Smarter, More Cost-Effective Solutions

With over twenty years of experience in providing service solutions to our customers, we understand
the concept of dollars spent versus return on investment and utilize that experience in order to
optimally benefit our customers.

Monitor. Control. Be Alerted.

Our ability to customize sets us apart from automation-only companies and enables our customers, regardless of the makeup of their production operation, to monitor, control, and alarm locally, across the internet, and more.

With today's environment becoming increasively sensitive, it's critical that we strive for a zero-incident rate. Due to the design and reliability of our systems, total access to critical information, and our ability to react immediately, we can help you avoid costly situations.

As your field personnel increasingly rely on the daily monitoring, it will enable them to prioritize their routes and avoid unnecessary trips to well sites.

A System is the Sum of its Parts


Our engineers have designed and fabricated fully automated horizontal pumping systems, which provide specific solutions to a wide range of various applications with limitless possibilities.


Our revolutionary monitoring solutions are capable of delivering live data and total control over your systems locally or wherever you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Icon Motor Controller

Our motor controller is next-generation protection for downhole motors for ESP applications. It replaces older, legacy systems and allows for advanced control, remote access, and data logging.

Custom Automation

If you require something more specialized than standard, off-the-shelf systems, our engineers have the experience and knowledge to build what you need and manage it from any location, centralized or mobile.

Advanced, custom PLC software offers realtime monitoring of mission-critical operating parameters and allows for advanced features such as remote management and data trending.

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