Icon Motor Controller

Next-Generation ESP Protection

An Upgrade for Legacy Systems

Designed to breathe new life into older ESP deployments and extend their lifespans, the iCon Motor Controller is designed to give continuous protection to three-phase induction motors.

The iCon is designed to be quickly and easily deployable in existing installations. It is capable of monitoring and balancing both incoming and outgoing power and also to shut down the motor when it's unsafe to operate.

Complete Data Logging

The iCon Motor Controller has onboard data logging for all data points of the motor, including voltage, current, alarms, starts, stops, and temperatures.

The iCon is also capable of connecting to a PLC or other device that can send and receive Modbus information, making it compatible with systems that allow for remote monitoring and access, such as VMS.

Optional Backspin Protection

Backspin protection means peace of mind for the owner and operators of ESPs. This prevents the motor from being run while it is already rotating, eliminating the increased wear and increasing the maintenance intervals.

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