The Villicus Monitoring System

The Future of Automation

On-Site Control

Our visual interface solutions are customized per application and our software engineers can tailor them to suit the particular needs of the customer rather than attempting to force a single design to suit all use case scenarios. This allows for intuitive access and control of any aspect of a site or environment in which our system is employed.

In addition, Villicus employs top-quality on-site hardware in order to ensure the best possible user experience. Our hardware portfolio includes Allen-Bradley human-machine interfaces.

Remote Control

The Villicus Monitoring system does not stop at the work site. Secure web-based monitoring allows for levels of control from wherever you are as well. Log in on any computer - PC or Mac, tablet, or smartphone and monitor and control your systems at any time.

VMS is also designed to inform you in the case where something does go wrong, providing alarms in the form of emails, SMS messages, or phone calls depending on your preference.

From Start To Finish

From the time a site is commissioned until it is retired, you will be able to monitor every aspect of its operation. This includes levels, pressures, temperatures, and electrical pressures.

Historical data is also available with customized reports emailed to you for any data points you desire. You'll never have to use your best-guess again, simply have what you need to know at-hand.

Always Connected. Always In Control.

  • Custom HMI Solutions
  • Custom UI Per Job Type
  • User Access Control
  • Tailored Information Per-Site
  • Web-Based Access
  • Mobile Access
  • OS Independent
  • Custom Alarms
  • Always-On Monitoring
  • Complete Data Access
  • Unlimited Data Logging
  • Peace of Mind

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