Horizontal Pumping Systems

Our Experience and Ingenuity at Work

Heavy Duty Skid Design

The pump skid used for all Villicus pumps has been designed to withstand the rigors of the oilfield environment. Additional bracing is used to provide a stiffer skid than traditional competitor designs. In addition to the benefits in the field, this allows the skids to be manufactured to within 1/16” geometric accuracy and significantly reduce distortion from thermal growth and shrinkage once installed.

Pump support brackets are also significantly stiffer and more robust than traditional skids, leading to reduced vibration during operation. All alignments during manufacturing are carried out using machine lasers, creating a solid base point ensuring more accurate alignment of all components during initial assembly. Field maintenance, replacement and realignment are all made easier and quicker by the improved design.

Custom Control and Monitoring Software

The software that Villicus uses to control our HPS units was developed in-house and allows for total access and control of its systems. It is able to interface with them to monitor run times, temperatures, pressures, power consumption, vibration and more.

Coupled with the Villicus Monitoring System, any HPS that we've installed can be monitored and controlled locally or remotely at our clients' convenience.

Industry-Leading Personnel

Villicus employs several of the most experienced personnel in the HPS industry. Extensive experience in the design, manufacturing, installation and operation of HPS equipment and the resultant knowledge, has been pooled to create a product line at the forefront of the industry.

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